What does the name “Threema” stand for?

What makes Threema special?

What is a Threema ID?

On which operating systems and devices can I use Threema?

Is Threema available in my language?

Is Threema suitable for business use?

Are there special offers for educational institutions and NGOs?


How do I create a poll?

How do I use the agree/disagree feature?

What are Private Chats and how can I use them?

How do I add text formatting to a message?

What is the QR code good for?

Can I use Threema without a SIM card?

How can I export a chat?

How can I send a file?

How can I change the design theme?

How do I quote a text message?

Can I use Threema on multiple devices simultaneously?

What is the “pin” feature good for?

How do I archive chats?

How can I share my location?

Security and Privacy

What makes Threema secure?

How does Threema compare to other messengers with encryption?

What’s special about Threema’s privacy protection?

Which data gets stored at Threema?

Are messages stored in encrypted form on my device?

Could you decrypt my messages, for example if you were required to by law enforcement?

How do you protect yourself against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks with Threema?

Will my address book data be sent to your servers?

Where are the servers located?

How does Threema audit its code?

How and where is my key pair generated?

Is the use of Threema compliant with privacy laws?

How can I find out which data Threema has stored about me?

What kind of data is transmitted via push notification services?


How can I give Threema away?

How can I reinstall Threema without paying again?

Can I move the purchased app between operating systems?

How can I install or update Threema from the Threema-Shop?

Where can I buy Threema, and how can I get the latest version?

Is there an age restriction for Threema?

How can I purchase and distribute multiple Threema licenses?

Sending / Receiving

What do the symbols next to a message mean?

Why do messages to certain contacts not appear as read or delivered?

How can I tell whether the app is connected to the server?

Why are incoming messages sometimes delayed or only arrive once I open the app?

How can I send emoji?

Why don't previews in push notifications work properly?

Why doesn't my chat partner receive my messages?

How can I make sure this is working when I don't know anybody who has installed it yet?

How long do messages stay in queue for delivery?

I am receiving unwanted messages. What can I do?

Why can't I send a video?

How can I mute individual chats?

What does it cost to send a message?

Which ports need to be open on my network?

Group Chats

Is there a group chat feature?

How can I leave or delete a group?

Can members be added to/deleted from an existing group?

Trouble with group chats — What can I do?

Why are my groups missing after importing an exported ID?

Can administrator privileges be transferred or granted to multiple users?

How do I mention a member of a group?

How can I adjust the notification settings for group chats?


What do the three colored dots next to a contact mean?

Why are some of my friends missing on my Threema contact list?

Why are some IDs grayed out or struck through?

Some of my contacts are displayed twice in my address book — what can I do?

How can I change/set the name of a contact?

What does the symbol next to a contact mean?

How can I retain my contacts' verification levels?

What is the Threema Channel?

What’s the purpose of the “ECHOECHO” ID?

What does the tilde character in the contact list mean?

Threema Safe

What is Threema Safe and how do I enable it?

Which data does a Threema Safe backup contain?

How often does Threema Safe create a backup, and how long will it be preserved?

What makes Threema Safe secure?

How do I restore a Threema Safe backup?

How do I store my Threema Safe backup on my own server?

ID Export and Data Backup

Why is it important to export my ID?

I have got a new phone – how do I transfer my data?

What is the difference between a Threema ID and an ID export?

I lost my data! Can Threema somehow recover and send it to me?

I didn't receive my verification email or SMS! What can I do?

I have a new ID — How can I delete my old ID?

I got a new phone number — what do I do?

I created a new ID — how come my contacts still see my old ID?

How can I move my ID to a new device?

Threema Calls

What are Threema calls?

What are the system requirements for Threema calls?

How do I make a Threema call?

How can I disable Threema calls?

What is the data-transfer rate for voice calls?

I hear my own voice as an echo – what can I do?

How secure are Threema calls, and what’s the technology behind it?

Threema calls: What do those sounds mean?

Profile pictures

How can I set my profile picture?

How can I remove my profile picture?

How can I show/hide my contacts’ profile pictures?

Why are no profile pictures displayed?


Why do I only receive messages once I open the app?

Which Android version is required?

Which permissions are used under Android, and for what purpose?

Can I buy/use Threema without a Google account?

Why does the synchronization not work anymore after rebooting my phone?

How can I reinstall the app without any loss of data?

Why can’t I update the app in the Google Play Store?

Why do I keep getting asked for the Passphrase of the Master Key?

What does the message “Master key is unlocked” mean?

How do I save received media (photos/videos/audios)?

What are distribution lists?

What is notification priority?

What are notification channels?

How can I customize ringtones and notification sounds?

Xiaomi: Why is no popup displayed and no sound emitted when new messages arrive?

What happened to “Android Backup”?

What happened to the camera’s features?


How can I give Threema permission to access my photos?

Why am I not receiving any push notifications or experiencing delays?

Why is the sender’s name sometimes missing in push notifications?

How can I share files using Threema on iOS?

Which iOS versions are supported?

How can I adjust the font size?

How can I adjust notification settings for individual chats?

“This app is no longer shared with you” – what can I do?

Windows Phone

Why am I not receiving any push notifications or experiencing delays?

Which Windows Phone version is required?

Threema Web

What is Threema Web?

How do I use Threema Web?

What are the system requirements for Threema Web?

What features does Threema Web offer?

What is a session and what is the purpose of the session password?

What’s special about Threema Web?

How does Threema Web work?

In which languages is Threema Web available?

Why does establishing a connection to Threema Web fail?

Why are sessions not being saved?

How can I enable desktop notifications for Threema Web?

What to do if the connection to Threema Web is slow or drops frequently?

Why does re-establishing a connection to Threema Web fail?


Which URL actions are supported?

I have received an SMS with a code – where do I enter it?

I forgot my PIN/passphrase/lock code. What can I do now?

What is Threema Gateway?

How can I delete chats and media files?

Where can I find Threema’s source code?

What is Threema Work?

How can I invite friends to join Threema?

How can I verify the Threema support ID?