What’s new

Threema 3.55 for Android

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Threema 4.0.1 for iOS

  • Design improvements for iPhone Xs Max
  • Threema Web: Bug fix for 32-bit devices

Threema 4.0 for iOS

In order to include some of the following exciting new features, we have completely overhauled the app under the hood.

  • Threema Web (navigate to Settings > Threema Web, and follow the on-screen instructions)
  • Individual notification settings
  • Groups of up to 100 members
  • Delete multiple/all media files of a chat at once
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Miscellaneous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 2.3.1 for Windows Phone

  • Improved process of recording voice messages
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes
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