What's new

Threema 3.21 for Android

  • Mark chats by swiping them horizontally
  • Adjustable notification priority
  • Preserve original caption when forwarding a message
  • Use OpenStreetMap for sharing locations on devices not supporting Google Play Services
  • Video player: Better compatibility with some Huawei device
  • Threema Web: Optimized battery use
  • Threema calls: Fix incompatibility with certain smartwatches
  • Security fix: Validate URIs returned by Android Documents UI File Picker
  • Various small fixes and performance improvements
This release requires Android 4.1 or higher

Threema 3.0.1 for iOS

  • Fixed a bug that could reset the nickname and/or profile picture in certain cases
  • Removed audio filter that caused low volume of voice recordings
  • Fixed a bug that could, in some rare cases, reset the Sync Contacts setting
  • On the lock screen, tap and hold the Threema icon to invoke the alphanumeric keyboard
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 2.0.0 for Windows Phone

  • Streamlined setup process
  • Delete old messages (in Settings > Media+Storage)
  • Delete a chat’s old messages
  • If you are a group’s administrator and “delete” the group in the chat overview, the group’s messages are deleted (locally), but the group (composition) remains intact
  • If the administrator deletes a group via the group’s detail view, all group members are removed from the group
  • If the administrator leaves a group, the other group members can still use the group, but it can no longer be modified or deleted
  • In-app notifications are no longer listed in the Action Center
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