What's new

Threema 1.8.0 for Windows Phone (Release 19.04.2017)

  • Unsent messages are saved as drafts
  • Messages can be deleted in bulk by using the new selection tool
  • Blacklist for individual contacts (by enabling “Block contact” in a contact’s detail view)
  • Streamlined backup and restore process; the Threema ID is now included in data backups
  • The status of a chat’s latest message is now indicated in the chat overview
  • A new setting (in Settings > Privacy) allows to specify whether contacts are sorted by first or by last name
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous other improvements

Threema 2.9.1 for iOS (Release 18.04.2017)

  • Resolved an issue leading to high battery usage in certain circumstances
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes

Threema 3.13 for Android (Release 27.03.2017)

  • Bug fixes
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