What’s new

Threema 2.3.0 for Windows Phone

  • Globally mute or disable notifications for group chats
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 3.0.8 for iOS

  • Tap on a quoted message to jump to original message
  • Improvements for landscape mode
  • VoiceOver: improved navigation between messages if URLs are involved
  • VoiceOver: read out incoming messages if the app is in the foreground
  • Various other improvements and several bug fixes

Threema 3.41 for Android

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Threema 3.4 for Android

  • Mentions: Type the “@” sign, and select group members to directly address and mention them
  • New “Do Not Disturb” option in individual notification settings for groups: “On, unless I was mentioned”
  • Support for keyboard’s incognito mode, if available (Threema > Settings > Privacy > Request incognito keyboard)
  • Select multiple recipients when forwarding messages or media files
  • Tap a quote to jump to quoted message
  • Share contacts directly from contact list
  • Display ongoing Threema call in main screen
  • Improved rendering of emojis
  • In polls without intermediate results, the number of received votes is displayed
  • Separate notification channels for permanent notifications in Android 8 (Threema > Settings > Sound & Notifications)
  • Numerous improvements for Threema Web: increased stability, active connections are displayed in persistent notification, updates of SaltyRTC and WebRTC
  • Various minor improvements and miscellaneous bugs fixes
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