What’s New

Threema 4.581 for Android

  • QR code scanner problem on Android 8 devices fixed

Threema 4.58 for Android

  • Slovak localization
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema 4.57 for Android

  • Contact-specific settings for read receipts and typing indicator
  • Incoming calls can be muted by pressing the phone’s power button
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 4.56 for Android

  • Completely revamped contact synchronization
  • A badge in the Contacts tab indicates that new contacts have been added
  • Threema calls: A short vibration indicates that the other party has activated the camera (if in-app vibration is turned on)
  • When sharing individual media messages with other apps, captions can be maintained (and edited)
  • When editing images, the message recipient is displayed in the text input field
  • Catalan localization
  • Various other improvements and several bug fixes

Threema 4.55 for Android

  • Selectable playback speed for voice messages
  • Improved media selection with ability to scroll through and select in large view
  • Filtering in archive screen
  • Bug fixes

Threema 4.54 for Android

  • Voice messages that have been listened to are now flagged with an ear symbol
  • Design tweaks
  • Bug fixes

Threema 4.53 for Android

  • New: Mark chats as unread (long press chat in chat overview, and select “Mark as unread”)
  • Improved compatibility of video transcoding
  • Better performance of media picker
  • Added Japanese and Chinese (traditional) translations
  • Removed media search
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema 4.52 for Android

  • Various minor bug fixes

Threema 4.51 for Android

  • Image editor: Automatic recognition of faces. Blur or cover with an emoji (works best with high-resolution images)
  • Create polls: Re-sort answers using drag and drop
  • Media gallery: New “Show in chat” feature
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and design improvements

Threema 4.5 for Android

  • Media drawer: Tap the paperclip icon to browse your media files in a scrollable drawer
  • Image search (optional): Search your images for common objects, activities, and places (The image recognition is based on a local machine learning model and does not send data to Threema's server or any third party)
  • Sending media files: Send images with individual resolutions without having to change the global settings
  • Video editor: Trim videos before sending
  • Save to gallery: On Android 10 and above, media is now stored in the system’s Pictures, Video, Music, and Documents folders due to new “Scoped Storage” requirements by Google
  • Global search: Search for text across all chats
  • Quotes: Quote any type of media, including images, videos, and voice messages
  • 100 new emojis: Including the long-awaited fondue
  • Larger groups: Up to 256 members per group chat
  • Long text messages: To keep the chat interface lean, messages containing a lot of text are truncated and can be expanded on demand
  • Various other improvements and minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.12 for iOS

  • Several minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.11 for iOS

  • Share Sheet improvements
  • Threema calls: Fixed a bug that could occur when accepting/rejecting calls in the Notification Center
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when sending audio files via Threema Web

Threema 4.6.10 for iOS

  • Adjust playback speed of voice messages
  • Fixed an issue where voice messages weren’t played via Bluetooth on certain speakers
  • Fixed an issue in relation to forwarding files with unknown MIME type
  • Improvements in relation to the Share Extension

Threema 4.6.9 for iOS

  • Chinese (traditional) localization
  • Show duration of voice messages in chat overview
  • Improved call stability
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when copying video files
  • Fixed a possible UI glitch in the Share Extension
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.8 for iOS

  • Fixed a crash that occurred on iOS 10

Threema 4.6.7 for iOS

  • New: Mark chats as unread (swipe right in chat overview)
  • Share Extension overhauled
  • Support for right-to-left scripts in chats
  • Chinese (simplified) localization
  • Japanese localization
  • Voice messages are no longer forwarded as files but as voice messages
  • Voice messages, GIFs, and stickers are hidden in media preview
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when quoting messages that contain mentions
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.5 for iOS

  • Threema calls: Haptic feedback when call partner activates video transmission
  • Improved performance when sending messages in group chats
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a chat in version 4.6.4
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.4 for iOS

  • Increased maximum group size to 256 members
  • You can now quote any type of message (including media, voice messages, and locations)
  • Send images directly from gallery preview
  • Polish localization
  • Threema calls: Various bug fixes
  • iOS 14: Fixed a bug that could occur when deleting files
  • Various UI improvements
  • VoiceOver improvements on call screen
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema 4.6.3 for iOS

  • Option to add captions when sending media files within the app
  • iOS 14: Share individual photos without granting Threema access to the photo library
  • Size limit for chat exports removed
  • Truncate quoted messages after 200 characters
  • Always display search bar when creating group and editing groups
  • Various iOS 14 improvements
  • Layout improvements in Threema call screen
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema 4.6.2 for iOS

  • iOS 14: Fixed a bug that occurred when sharing videos via the Photos app

Threema 4.6.1 for iOS

  • Numerous improvements in relation to Threema calls
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating polls
  • Miscellaneous VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes

Threema 4.6 for iOS

  • New: Fully end-to-end encrypted video calls
  • Grouped notifications in Notification Center
  • Adjusted volume of voice messages
  • Relative dates in chats
  • Support for diacritical characters in contact-list search
  • Removed button to start cellular calls from contact details
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Web 2.3.0 Säntis

  • Sending files up to 50 MB
  • Support for https://threema.id/ URLs
  • Graphical password strength indicator
  • Updated emojis to 12.1, and skin tone selector support

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