The messenger that puts security and privacy first.

Pay once, chat forever.
No ads. No collection of user data.

Secure and GDPR-compliant communication for your organization.

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Guaranteed Privacy and Strong Encryption

Threema is the instant messaging app designed to generate as little user data as possible. All communication is end-to-end encrypted.

Chat Anonymously: No Phone Number Required

Each user generates a random Threema ID when setting up the app. Linking a phone number or email address is optional.

No Collection of User Data, No Ads

Services that are financed by advertising collect user data in order to target their ads. Threema is not financed by advertising and does not collect user data.

100% Swiss Made and GDPR-compliant

Threema is a true Swiss company hosting its own servers in Switzerland. From software development to customer support, everything is done in-house. The service is fully GDPR-compliant.

Privacy Is Worth Paying For

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you don’t pay with money for a service, you pay with your data instead.

Business Solutions

Everything you need for encrypted messaging in your oragnization.

Threema Work

The secure enterprise messaging solution offers convenient user management, extensive app configuration options and many other features tailored to the needs of organizations.

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Threema Gateway

The message API enables you to send and receive Threema messages using your own software.

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Threema Broadcast

The tool for efficient top-down communication via feeds, distribution lists, bots, and centrally managed groups.

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