Threema Work and Healthcare – A Perfect Match

There’s hardly a business sector where Threema Work isn’t widely adopted. IT service providers, political parties, and educational institutions rely on Threema Work, just like renowned companies in retail, the hotel business, and in the automotive industry use Threema’s business solution (see Success Stories).

Threema Work is the perfect fit wherever corporate communication has to be fast, straightforward, and secure. In one industry, these requirements apply to particularly high degree: healthcare.

Besides a fast response time and general reliability, data protection and security are crucial factors in medical communication. After all, patient data is inherently personal, and it often contains highly sensitive information. When exchanging such data, strict compliance with data-protection standards is imperative.

With its consistent focus on security and data protection, Threema Work is perfectly suited for professional use in the healthcare sector. It enables organizations such as hospitals, medical practices, clinics, and pharmacies to take full advantage of the many benefits instant messaging provides – without sacrificing data privacy in the process.

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Messengers and Shadow IT: The Risks

The term “shadow IT” refers to software and hardware used by employees without their company’s knowledge or approval.

One reason for the rise of shadow IT is the increasing number of cloud services, “software as a service” solutions, and messenger apps targeted at consumers. Employees have a plethora of easy-to-use options at their fingertips, and they already know how to use many of them from personal experience. If a process doesn’t run smoothly and no assistance from the IT department is available, employees are tempted to address the problem by resorting to their own tools.

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Threema OnPrem: Maximum Security Thanks to Self-Hosting

Threema Work is the gold standard of secure messaging apps for organizations. Renowned companies around the globe use the time-tested Swiss chat solution to protect their corporate data and to ensure full data-privacy compliance. With Threema Work, employees enjoy the productivity-boosting benefits of instant messaging without having to resort to questionable chat services that aren’t qualified for corporate use or don’t comply with the GDPR.

Now, Threema OnPrem turns the security and confidentiality of enterprise messaging up to eleven. The new on-premises solution allows organizations that require exceptional security to run Threema on their own server. This translates to complete data ownership along with total and exclusive control over every aspect of the communication tool. Not only the message exchange is carried out internally by the company server, the administration console is also self-hosted, with Threema OnPrem covering the full feature range of Threema Work.

The combination of Threema’s well-established security architecture and absolute data ownership results in a self-contained chat environment that’s second to none in terms of confidentiality. Threema OnPrem instances are completely independent and in no way, shape, or form connected to Threema’s infrastructure. Thus, Threema OnPrem is perfectly suited for professional use in industrial companies, public authorities, law enforcement, and wherever sensitive data is involved or maximum security and utmost confidentiality are required.

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1 Year Since the Invalidation of the Privacy Shield Agreement: 5 Recommended Actions for Privacy-Compliant and Secure Corporate Communication

With the end of the EU–US and Swiss–US Privacy Shield agreements in 2020, the transfer of personal data from Switzerland and the European Union to the US has lost an important legal basis. A year later, many companies are still unsure to which extent their data on US servers is adequately protected from third-party access.

Find out which regulations apply for data transmission to the US right now and which measures help you to reach privacy-compliant communication in your company.

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Communication Tools for Companies: The Definitive Comparison

Instant messaging has become an important part of business communications. Excellent availability, unmatched ease of use, and short response times are just a few of its numerous benefits. There is, however, one major challenge for companies: choosing the right service.

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