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Success Stories

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Mercedes-Benz Group AG
“Threema Work is the ideal complement to other collaboration tools that focus on desktop messaging and video conferencing.”
Michael Schrank
“The ways to integrate Threema Work into one’s own systems are brilliant.”
Pierre Vieweg
City of Frankfurt am Main
“Threema Work clearly offers the best bang for your buck.”
Thorsten Berner
TK Elevator
“Our service technicians are huge fans of Threema Work; it’s an essential tool for their work.”
Mustafa Tökmel
Open Circle AG
“Threema Work helps us to act quickly when disruptions occur and simplifies our internal communication.”
Pascal Mages
City of Freiburg im Breisgau
“Threema Work is a privacy-compliant messaging app our employees can use without having to worry.”
Michael Schulz
Mercedes-Benz India
“Threema Work is a reliable and secure messaging app for exchanging confidential information.”
Shivani Sawant
“With Threema Work, the research team can engage in direct dialogue with the center in charge in no time.”
Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Andreas Goetzenich MBA, FAHA, FESC
Swiss Alpine Rescue
“With Threema Work, we’ve achieved a quantum leap in mission communication.”
Theo Maurer
Emmental Hospital
“Thanks to Threema Work, we were able to significantly reduce the organizational workload we had when an employee called in sick. Finding substitutions for sick leaves has never been easier.”
Michael Eicher
Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW
“Having been a long-standing Threema user, opting for Threema Work was a natural thing to do.”
Jürgen Ebbinghaus
“Threema Work enables AOZ to communicate in a secure way and exchange information within the organization quickly and easily.”
Valerie Nuzzo
Baden-Württemberg Association of German Cities and Towns
“Threema Work enables excellent coordination of events behind the scenes.”
Timo Jung
City of Winterthur
“Distributing the app via our own MDM system happens to be very efficient.”
Markus Wassmer
Digital Solutions, Department of Justice and Home Affairs of the Canton of Zurich
“We have introduced Threema Work to provide our employees with a secure business messaging solution featuring a centrally managed address book they can use on their personal device independently of a phone number.”
Urs Kaderli
Hotel Estrel Berlin
“Threema Work is user-friendly and ingeniously easy to use – anyone can work with it!”
Katharina Katschorowski
Children’s Hospital Dritter Orden Passau, Dritter Orden Clinic GmbH
“Threema Work allows to combine mobile working and data protection in the best possible way.”
Alexander Traub
Hospital STS AG – Rescue Service
“Instant messaging is a contemporary means of communication, and our employees enjoy using Threema Work.”
Marc Stiller
Alliance 90 / The Greens
“Privacy protection and data restraint are not just political demands to us – with Threema, we can live up to these claims.”
Michael Kellner
Road Traffic Office of the Canton of Zurich
“Threema Work provides us with a secure mobile communication solution for situations where things have to be done quickly.”
Luca Häberlin
Tanne, Swiss Foundation for Persons with Deafblindness
“We opted for Threema Work because it prioritizes privacy protection – just like we do at Tanne.”
Sandra Fässler
Saxony State Forestry Service
“After having reviewed alternatives to WhatsApp and Telegram, we decided to use Threema Work for business purposes.”
Gerald Seiger
PESCO Switzerland AG
“Our employees are fully satisfied with Threema OnPrem because of its usability and the security it provides.”
Dorus Everwijn
“Threema Work has become an essential tool within our organization for everyday communication.”
Gabriël Benedito
“It has become much easier for us to reach our students.”
Arnold-Janssen-GymnasiumHarald Lohmann
Hardtschule Durmersheim
“Threema has become indispensable to us.”
Hardtschule DurmersheimVolker Arntz

Instant Messaging More Popular Than Ever

Instant messaging is becoming an indispensable communication channel in the corporate world. It enjoys great popularity among all employees. Countless chat messages are shared among colleagues and business partners every day, some of them containing sensitive or even confidential information or personal data. Make sure your company uses instant messaging in a secure way.

Cyber Threats on Mobile Devices

Ransomware, CEO fraud, phishing, espionage: if you don’t provide well-protected communication channels, your employees’ devices are targets for all kinds of cybersecurity attacks.

Example: a simple tap on a well-crafted message by a fraudster posing as a staff member could paralyze your company for days.

That’s why putting a secure business messenger in place is key to an effective cybersecurity strategy!

App Features

App Features

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The Threema Work app provides a wide range of features that allow for fast and efficient communication and streamline processes across all departments. In addition to basic app features such as voice, video, and group calls, special features such as the off-hours policy and the poll feature are particularly useful in the business context.

Security and Privacy by Design

With its true end-to-end encryption, being open source, unparalleled metadata restraint, and privacy by design, Threema Work is probably the most trusted business messenger on the planet. The Swiss-made app is so secure, it’s even suitable for highly sensitive information.

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Perfect Also for Non-Desktop Workers

The messenger is a great help – not only within the office environment but across all departments. You can easily include non-desktop workers as well. They don’t have to disclose their phone numbers to use Threema Work on their private devices.

Mobile workforce

Separate Personal from Business Communication

If you don’t provide your employees with a business solution, they will resort to using their personal chat apps. This will have serious security and privacy implications for your company.

WhatsApp alternative

Powerful Administration Tool and Policy Enforcement

Threema Work also provides a powerful administration tool for user management and policy enforcement. Make sure that former employees don’t remain in company chats and retain access to sensitive company information. If somebody leaves the company, you can withdraw access in just one click.

Management cockpit
App configuration

One-to-Many Communication via Instant Messenger

With Threema Broadcast, you can send corporate news in a simple chat message – and reach all your employees at once. This attracts much more attention than an old-school email newsletter.

One-to-many communication

Business Continuity: Ensure Seamless Communication

Threema Broadcast is also a great tool for business continuity scenarios. Do you know how to communicate when your cloud-based office tools are down? Threema Work helps you to ensure seamless communication and remain operable in the event of a system breakdown.

Business continuity
Threema OnPrem

Threema OnPrem

Self-hosted enterprise messaging
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