Success Stories

Threema Work is used in a variety of ways by countless satisfied customers across all industries. Here are some examples showcasing how the versatility and flexibility of Threema Work’s ecosystem can contribute to your success.


“Modern on-the-go communication in business environments is subject to the same security requirements as traditional communication. Threema Work combines speed and usability with these requirements!”

Michael Schrank

Former CISO, Daimler AG

“Privacy protection and data restraint are not just political demands to us – with Threema, we can live up to these claims.”

Michael Kellner

General Secretary, the German Green Party

“Our service technicians are huge fans of Threema Work; it’s an essential tool for their work.”

Mustafa Tökmel

Projektmanager Field Service, TK Elevator

“Instant messaging is a contemporary means of communication, and our employees enjoy using Threema Work.”

Marc Stiller

Deputy Head of Rescue Service, Hospital STS AG

“Threema Work helps us to act quickly when disruptions occur and simplifies our internal communication.”

Pascal Mages

Chief Technology Officer, Open Circle AG

“The ways to integrate Threema Work into one’s own systems are brilliant.”

Pierre Vieweg

Division Manager IT Retail, EDEKA

“Threema Work is a privacy-compliant messaging app our employees can use without having to worry.”

Michael Schulz

Head of IT, City of Freiburg im Breisgau

Over 8,000 companies and organizations use Threema Work as their business-messaging service.

Success Story
Swiss Alpine Rescue (SAR)

With Threema Work, Swiss Alpine Rescue has made a quantum leap in mission communication.

Success Story
Hardtschule Durmersheim

Threema Work has become the central communication tool for students and teachers.

Threema Work
The Secure Business Messenger

Don’t compromise on security. Protect your business chats and the privacy of your employees and business partners.

Threema Work
Protect Your Business Chats

Never be lulled into a false sense of security. Only a truly secure communication channel protects information from falling into the wrong hands.