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Integration and Automation

Send and receive Threema messages with your own software. More secure, cheaper, and more versatile than SMS.

Offer and pricing

Let Your Imagination Run Free

Threema Gateway’s use cases are virtually unlimited. Below are some examples of how Threema can be integrated into third-party software.


Use Threema for two-factor authentication

IoT / system monitoring:

Monitor systems and automatically send a Threema message in case of emergencies or upon specific queries (example use case: Open Circle AG)

Custom service:

Create your own Threema bot or Threema service (example use case: Corona Radar)

Chat support:

Offer the option to request customer support via Threema (example use case: Userlike, Whappodo)

Integration into ERP systems:

Integrate Threema into your existing process automation solution (example use case: TK Elevator)

Content alert:

Watch a web page and get a Threema message when the content of the web page changes

The Gate to Threema’s Eco System

Threema Gateway works just like an SMS gateway, but it’s more versatile. At the center of the service lies the Threema Gateway server, which processes incoming messages and forwards the information to the desired Threema users, user groups, or systems.

The Gate to Threema’s Eco System The Gate to Threema’s Eco System


Asymmetric cryptography guarantees that only the intended recipient can read your messages.


The encryption in Threema is verifiable. You encrypt the messages directly on your server using open source software.

Low cost

Signup for free, no recurring fees. Send a message already from CHF 0.01.


Threema messages can be received without mobile network coverage as long as there is a working Internet connection.


Send and receive text messages (up to 3,500 characters), images, and files of any type.


Ensure recognition value by requesting a custom ID and a custom profile picture. Example ID: *THREEMA

Find out more about Threema Gateway’s features in the API documentation.

Your Custom ID

Threema Gateway lets you request your personal, custom ID. All IDs that are used on Threema Gateway start with an asterisk (*) and consist of 8 characters in total. Example ID: *ALERT4U. You can also personalize your custom ID by setting a profile picture.

The Threema app displays Gateway contacts with a generic business icon and a custom profile picture.

Your Custom ID