Offer and Pricing

You can choose between two modes: Basic and End-to-End. Threema strongly recommends End-to-End mode. It guarantees highest security and offers more features.

Switching modes is only possible at additional cost and the private key cannot be changed. Therefore, please carefully weigh the pros and cons of the available modes before choosing.

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Icon / Checkmark by customer (End-to-End)
Icon / Checkmark by Threema
Custom ID and profile picture
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Setup fee
Icon / Checkmark 1600 Credits ≈ CHF 32
Icon / Checkmark 800 Credits ≈ CHF 16
Text message
Icon / Checkmark 1 Credit / from CHF 0.01
Icon / Checkmark 1 Credit / from CHF 0.01
Image message
Icon / Checkmark 2 Credits / from CHF 0.02
Icon / Outline / Cross
File message
Icon / Checkmark 2 Credits / from CHF 0.02
+ 1 Credit with thumbnail (optional)
Icon / Outline / Cross
Delivery receipt
Icon / Checkmark 1 Credit / from CHF 0.01
Icon / Outline / Cross
Icon / Checkmark free
Icon / Outline / Cross

Pros and Cons

Icon / Checkmark best security thanks to end-to-end encryption
Icon / Checkmark easy to set up
Icon / Checkmark more features
Icon / Checkmark like an SMS gateway
Icon / Checkmark private key does not leave customer's system
Icon / Outline / Cross private key generated by Threema

* The number of incoming messages must not exceed the number of outgoing messages by more than a factor of 10.


Costs per Credit (Message)
1000 Credits
CHF 25
0.025 CHF
2500 Credits
CHF 50
0.02 CHF
7500 Credits
CHF 125
0.017 CHF
20000 Credits
CHF 250
0.013 CHF
50000 Credits
CHF 500
0.01 CHF
100’000 Credits and more

A Threema Work subscription includes a certain amount of credits. They can be redeemed via vouchers available in Threema Work’s management cockpit.

Important notes & Terms of Service

Requested Threema IDs that violate trademarks, copyrights or other rights or laws can be disabled by Threema at any time.
Threema does not provide a user interface for sending or receiving messages. The Message API is the interface to be used for that.
The use of the Threema Gateway is subject to the Terms of Service.