For technical support and general feedback, please contact our support team.

Business inquiries

To contact our sales team, please send an email to sales at threema dot ch.

Due to an increased volume of inquiries, delays may occur. Thank you for your understanding.


Our media department is happy to answer press inquiries sent to press at threema dot ch. Please find screenshots and other press material on the press site.


If you discover a security issue in Threema, please contact us on the *SECURIT Threema ID (Key Fingerprint: ae073b054d5dfc383f483ad58387aaa5) or via security2020 at threema dot ch, and adhere to the “responsible disclosure” policy.

Our PGP public key fingerprint:

pub		rsa4096 2017-02-08 [SC] [expires: 2022-02-07]
		677E 0E97 1669 53B3 2620  D95C 71B9 C6BA C55A 9855


Threema GmbH
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Company ID: CHE-221.440.104