Threema and Userlike: Facilitate Team and Customer Communication

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Threema and Userlike: Facilitate Team and Customer Communication

Long established in the private sphere, instant messengers have also found their way into companies, where they are regularly used for internal and external communication. They are particularly useful for getting in touch with someone: informal short messages reach recipients quickly and are more likely to be read than emails.

Especially in sectors where security and privacy protection is essential (e.g., finance companies, authorities, and medical institutions), organizations need to make sure the communication channels they offer meet the highest security standards. When contacting a company or institution, customers should rest assured that their data and privacy is protected. And even if a chat app solely serves the purpose of internal information exchange, the protection of employee data and trade secrets has to be ensured.

One Tool for All Customer Messaging

If you’re looking for a secure channel for customer communication and employee inquiries, look no further: in Threema, all messages are end-to-end encrypted, communication is GDPR-compliant, and only the absolute minimum of data necessary to send a message is stored.

To use Threema as a central help desk for customers and employees, it’s useful to complement it with a professional messaging platform like Userlike. Thanks to Threema Gateway, Threema can easily be integrated into Userlike. This allows messages to be gathered in one central inbox, where multiple team members can read, answer, and forward them. Templates, intelligent routing, and inclusion of other channels (e.g., SMS, website chat, etc.) make ticket processing even more efficient.

Userlike’s Message Center: an inbox for all messenger communication.

Two Examples

Combining Threema and Userlike facilitates communication in many ways, for example:

  • External Communication: Advise Customers via Threema
    Threema allows your customers to reach you in a fast and privacy-compliant way. Include the Threema button in your contact center or in Userlike’s live-chat widget on your website, like the Swiss Internet service provider iWay:

    “We use the Threema channel via Userlike as an additional support channel for our customers. Besides phone, email, and website chat, Threema provides them with another straightforward option to contact us.”

    Daniel Hunziker, Head of Support, iWay AG
    With a simple click, your customers are connected to your service team via chat, and with the Userlike Message Center, your employees can process the inquiries in the browser on a computer or laptop. At the same time, customers benefit from the advantages an instant messenger offers and can easily send you photos or voice messages.
  • Internal Communication: Central Point of Contact for Employees
    Would you like to enable your employees to contact the internal help desk or the HR department with a simple message? The combination of Threema and Userlike is the ideal solution in a situation where a large amount of inquiries needs to be answered by multiple employees: Userlike gathers the Threema messages in the browser-based Message Center, and your team members can access them from anywhere. This option is available for both the regular Threema app and the business solution Threema Work.

Threema’s and Userlike’s infrastructure is GDPR-compliant and guarantees high data security for employees and the entire company thanks to security features such as automatic data deletion and operator anonymization.

For a detailed technical documentation on how to integrate Threema into Userlike, head over to this page.

Find more information on Threema and Userlike on the Userlike website.