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Threema Work – more than secure messaging

The App
Highly Secure and Modern Chat App

Threema Work is a messaging app that meets all employee needs, is easy to use, and packed with features. Thanks to the Threema Work app, you reach all employees, including those without a permanent workspace or a company phone.

Threema Broadcast
Targeted Information Distribution

Reach your entire staff with a simple click, choose only specific departments, and, if required, also include external recipients. Threema Broadcast is the perfect tool for easy and efficient information distribution.

Management Cockpit
Complete Control Over the App’s Use

Thanks to (Threema) MDM and extensive configuration options in the management cockpit, you can rest assured that the Threema Work app is used in line with your corporate policies.

Threema Gateway
Increased Efficiency thanks to Automation and Integration

Threema Gateway allows you to automate processes and use your own software to send and receive Threema messages. Automation and integration not only increases your efficiency, it also cuts costs.

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Zero-Knowledge Security and Full Legal Compliance

Threema Work offers maximum security and data privacy protection. In addition, it’s 100% compliant with GDPR and provides unparalleled metadata restraint. All communication is end-to-end encrypted. There’s no need to disclose a phone number or email address, and contact synchronization is optional. Threema Work can be used without access to the address book.

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Quick Setup, Low Costs

The setup and distribution of Threema Work couldn’t be easier, and a variety of price plans are available, catering to every budget. SaaS or On-Premises, you decide which model suits your needs. There’s also a special price plan for educational institutions.

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What our customers say

“Modern on-the-go communication in business environments is subject to the same security requirements as traditional communication. Threema Work combines speed and usability with these requirements!”

Michael Schrank

Former CISO, Daimler AG

“Privacy protection and data restraint are not just political demands to us – with Threema, we can live up to these claims.”

Michael Kellner

General Secretary, the German Green Party

“Our service technicians are huge fans of Threema Work; it’s an essential tool for their work.”

Mustafa Tökmel

Projektmanager Field Service, TK Elevator

“Instant messaging is a contemporary means of communication, and our employees enjoy using Threema Work.”

Marc Stiller

Deputy Head of Rescue Service, Hospital STS AG

“Threema Work helps us to act quickly when disruptions occur and simplifies our internal communication.”

Pascal Mages

Chief Technology Officer, Open Circle AG

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