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Success Story Hardtschule Durmersheim

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Threema Education is a special price plan of Threema Work. With the privacy-compliant chat solution Threema Work, educational institutions stay on top of chat communication and keep questionable messaging services out of the classroom.

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Highest Level of
Security and Data Privacy

Thanks to Threema Education, instant messaging in school is secure and privacy-compliant. Since no personal information is required, it is safe to use Threema Work at any age. The Swiss chat solution focuses on security and data protection, and it is compliant with European data protection laws.

The Benefits

No phone number required

No phone number required

100% GDPR-compliant and open source

100% GDPR-compliant and open source

Can be used at any age

Can be used at any age

Consistent end-to-end encryption and metadata restraint

Consistent end-to-end encryption and metadata restraint

Straightforward communication and high availability

Straightforward communication and high availability

Rigorous protection of students’ and teachers’ privacy

Rigorous protection of students’ and teachers’ privacy

Strict separation between personal and educational communication

Strict separation between personal and educational communication

Affordable price plan for educational institutions

Affordable price plan for educational institutions

Easy and Efficient

With an internal messenger, your school streamlines the communication with students, teachers, and parents. Threema Education offers everything you can expect from a messaging solution for educational institutions: a state-of-the-art app that’s tried and tested by millions, a powerful administration portal, and a tool for straightforward information distribution, i.e., Threema Broadcast.

  • Single and group chats (e.g., for project groups and general classroom communication)
  • End-to-end encrypted audio and video calls
  • Polls
  • off-hours policy
  • Send files of any type
  • Optimized for tablets
  • News feeds (messenger newsletters)
  • Distribution lists
  • Interactive chat bots
  • Centrally managed group chats
  • Effortless initial setup
  • Straightforward licensing
  • Existing licenses can be transferred to new students
Success Stories

Success Stories

Why Schools Love
Threema Education

Numerous schools and educational institutions use Threema Education to ensure privacy-compliant and secure communication between students and teachers. The following success stories showcase how schools can benefit from using instant messaging as an educational tool.


Reach students anywhere, anytime

The Arnold-Janssen-Gymnasium, a Catholic private school, is one of the largest gymnasiums in Nordrhein-Westfalen, counting more than 1,000 students. Threema Education has been in use since 2019 across all grade levels. Teachers and students use it for direct communication in single and classroom chats; school administration and school management use it for top-down communication.

Use Cases

  • In classroom chats, questions are discussed and assignments are handed out in accordance with the educational mandate.
  • The school office uses Threema to communicate with students, e.g., in case of course cancellations. (Advantage: Students can be reached anywhere, anytime.)
  • Distribution lists are used almost on a daily basis to provide current information to the students.
  • By means of newsfeeds, all participants of a given event (e.g., a parents’ evening) can be contacted with minimal effort.
Harald Lohmann

Harald Lohmann


“It has become much easier for us to reach our students.”

The administration interface allows for quick and easy setup of the service.


Since licenses are transferable, there are no follow-up costs.


Threema is very well received by students, parents, and teachers.

Hardtschule Durmersheim

Threema as central communication tool

Hardtschule Durmersheim is well known for its innovative teaching practices and won the German School Award’s second place in 2020. Students and teachers use Threema every day to coordinate tasks, share information, and hold discussions in group chats. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Threema has become the most important communication tool.

Use Cases

  • Students send questions and homework to the teachers via Threema. Teachers support their students in single and group chats.
  • Threema’s web client is essential for daily work on the computer. With a physical keyboard, composing lengthy messages is a breeze.
  • Threema Broadcast is also used, e.g., to distribute general information to all students; the classic letter to the parents is now digital.
Volker Arntz

Volker Arntz


“Threema has become indispensable to us.”

Threema is easy to set up. It only took a few days until the app was rolled out across the school.


Both students and teachers highly appreciate Threema as communication channel. One of the reasons being that there’s no phone number required.


During to the Coronavirus crisis, all lessons were held online. A messenger like Threema perfectly complements our existing tool set!

Pädagogische Maturitätsschule Kreuzlingen

Classroom communication in group chats

The Pedagogical Matura School Kreuzlingen (PMS) has been a Threema Education customer since spring 2019. The secondary school offers a musical-pedagogical elective as well as basic training for primary-school teachers.

Use Cases

  • The primary use case is classroom communication in group chats. Teachers get to decide whether they want to use Threema as a means of communication or not.
  • Classroom chats are ready for use immediately because the IT department takes care of preconfiguration.
  • There’s a separate group chat per subject and grade.
Pascal Wüst

Pascal Wüst

responsible for Threema at PMS

“The administration of Threema Education is easy as pie.”

Students, teachers, and parents appreciate Threema’s strict privacy protection.


The app is very user-friendly. Users understand how it works without any instructions.


Threema is ready for use right away. The setup happens behind the scenes.

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A Special Price
for Educational Institutions Only

Threema Education

Threema Education

Secure messaging at an unbeatable price

CHF 7.95€ 7,95$ 8.99

Per license, per 5 years In contrast to regular price plans, there are no recurring costs.
State-of-the-Art App:
for iOS, Android, and desktop
Admin Console:
for easy administration and user management
Threema Broadcast:
for fast and efficient information distribution
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Unlimited messages
Free updates for all platforms
Guaranteed availability (SLA):

App Features

Text and voice messages
Voice and video call
Share images, videos, and documents
Group chats
Distribution lists (Android)
Private chats
Off-hours policy
Use without phone number and SIM card
Web client and desktop app

Management Cockpit

Contact and User Management

Make contacts available and mark internal contactsPrepopulate contact list
Add external IDs to internal contact list
Prevent further use of IDs and access to future chatsRevoke/detach IDs
Get a complete list of all active licenses and usersOverview of active users
Withdraw and hand over licensesTransferable credentials
Look up employees in company directoryInternal user directory
Share the company directory across several subscriptionsSubscription group


Customize the app by displaying the company logoDisplay custom logo in app
Integrate form for first-level support into the appDefine custom support URL


Add new administrators and give them the required permissionsDefine administrators and permissions
Two-factor authentication
Show anonymous data evaluationStats
API for automated administration

Special Features

Threema MDM

Individual parameters
Add external IDs to internal contact list
Global parameters

Threema Broadcast

Distribution lists
Group chats
Individual delivery receipts
Scheduled messages
Manage multiple Broadcast IDs
Broadcast API

Threema Gateway

Gateway credits per license

Support & Customer Success

Onboarding support and training
Technical and business reviews
Personal account manager
Max. support response time


Threema Education is only available for public educational institutions, e.g., schools and universities.

Non-profit organizations and NGOs get a 30% discount on Threema Work. Learn more...

Once students leave school, the IT administration can withdraw their licenses and pass them on to new students.

The management cockpit allows you to generate and manage user licenses. In the Credentials section, you can generate, withdraw, and reallocate licenses.

Yes, Threema Education can be used without a SIM card and without a phone number. It is therefore perfectly suited for school tablets.

Yes, a minimum of 20 licenses must be ordered with the initial purchase of Threema Education.

Technical support

Technical support

If you have questions that aren’t covered by the Support section, please contact our support team via the management cockpit. We’re happy to help!

Open management cockpit
Business inquiries

Business inquiries

Please send us your business inquiry via the contact form. The best way to quickly get technical assistance is to use the support form in the management cockpit.

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