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The key to successful employee communication is your ability to quickly inform the members of your company about the latest news and events. Find out on this page why companies should rely on a team communication app instead of email or a collaboration tool’s chat feature.

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Choosing the Right Communication Channel is Difficult

When it comes to employee communication, companies tend to use several channels: invitations to team events are distributed via email, progress updates are shared in the collaboration tool’s chat feature, and surveys are sent out as group messages in private chat apps. Yet these popular tools are not suitable for sharing sensitive information. What makes them unsuitable for this purpose? And which companies should consider investing in a secure business messenger as a team communication app?

Defend Against Phishing and Cyberattacks

Phishing is a kind of cyberattack that is becoming increasingly popular and widespread. In addition to emails, scammers have also begun targeting messenger apps for their phishing attacks. The number of phishing attacks, for example via WhatsApp, is rapidly increasing, which poses an enormous risk to companies that use private messenger services for their internal communication. One of the most popular attacks is CEO fraud, a scam in which a fraudster impersonates a company’s CEO in chat messages in order to obtain confidential company information.

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Collaboration tools like MS Teams are not immune to cyberattacks either and are therefore not suitable for sensitive and confidential business communication. That’s why it makes sense for companies – primarily public authorities, companies in the financial, healthcare, and IT sectors, the police and the army, but also industrial SMEs – to use a separate, secure app for team communication. Read our whitepaper “Comparison of Business Messaging Solutions” to find out which solution is right for your company.

Comparison of Business Messaging Solutions

Comparison of Business Messaging Solutions

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Internal Company Communication: Particularly Worth Protecting

One thing all popular business communication applications have in common: none of them offer sufficient protection of your employees’ privacy or their personal data. After all, in addition to trade secrets, employee data from the HR department and information about new hires and departures are also worth protecting. Since this kind of information is often shared via chat apps, it’s important for companies to provide their employees with a GDPR-compliant solution for internal company communication. This will allow you and your staff to communicate securely. You can find more information about protecting your employees’ privacy in our blog post.

The Advantages of a Business Chat App

By using a privacy-compliant business messenger like Threema Work for employee communication instead of private messengers, you protect your company against shadow IT and significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Plus, it also allows you to meet your obligation to optimally protect your employees’ privacy while at the same time avoiding costly fines due to GDPR violations.

Comprehensive Protection of Confidential Company Data

Company data you send out to your employees via standard messengers or collaboration tools is often stored in third countries like the US. In some cases, this is not permitted under the GDPR and also means that confidential business data or personal information could end up in the hands of third parties. Threema hosts its servers in Switzerland, and its messenger solution is 100% GDPR-compliant. For complete data sovereignty, an on-premises version of Threema Work is also available.

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Internal Newsletters for Better Employee Communication

Instant messaging is the perfect way to keep your employees up to date on what’s happening in your company: while only around 20% of all emails get opened, the opening rate for text messages is 98%. In order to scale newsletter distribution, we developed Threema Broadcast – a web application that makes it easy to compose and test Threema messages on your computer and track the delivery status of your newsletters. Threema Broadcast lets you send internal newsletters via chat to employees in specific departments as well as to your entire company. Moreover, you can use Threema Broadcast to create interactive chat bots that can be used by employees for FAQ, among other things. Threema Work’s user management ensures that former employees or external individuals cannot gain access to any confidential information. Click here to find out more about messenger newsletters.

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