The Importance of a Secure Business Communication Channel in View of the NIS2, DORA, and CER Regulations

Digital security is at the very core of the new European regulations NIS2, DORA, and CER: the purpose of the new laws is to raise awareness and increase information security across the EU.

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With the ongoing digital transformation of organizations and society in general, the need for measures against cyber threats is growing. Digital security is at the very core of the new European regulations NIS2, DORA, and CER: the purpose of the new laws is to raise awareness and increase information security across the EU. While the use of secure communication solutions, e.g., dedicated business messengers, is just one of the aspects the new regulations touch on to strengthen cyber resilience, it’s definitely something that should be addressed by CISOs.

Three Regulations to Strengthen Resilience

At the end of 2022, the European Union launched a set of new regulations (NIS2, DORA, and CER) that aim to reduce vulnerabilities for cyberattacks in organizations and strengthen the physical resilience of critical entities. The scope of the new legal framework is wide-ranging and imposes profound changes on organizations. A major change is that cybersecurity becomes a strategic matter rather than just the IT department’s responsibility. It’s in the duty of the management board to implement technical and operational measures required by the new laws. For example: establishing a process to report incidents, ensuring business continuity (BCM), and systematically monitoring IT systems, including all tools used for business communication.

Instant messengers are a highly convenient communication channel for companies and organizations in all sectors: they transfer a variety of different formats (e.g., voice messages, video, text, and files), enable communication from anywhere, and facilitate information exchange between employees, customers, and partners. However, the risks that chat apps entail should not be underestimated: using everyday messengers for business purposes and/or not enforcing appropriate security measures could lead to company data and trade secrets being exposed. Did you know, for example, that nine out of ten phishing attacks in chat apps occur in WhatsApp?

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The Risks in the Context of Instant Messaging

Ransomware, CEO frauds, phishing, smishing, espionage... the number of threats to companies seems infinite, and mobile devices are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. A simple tap on a fake message or a malicious link from a fraudster can render a business inoperable for days or weeks. In the worst case, a company has to end business altogether: a study shows that after having suffered a cyberattack, 60% of European SMEs cease to exist over the following 6 months. Many SMEs rely almost entirely on mobile phones and messenger apps for corporate communication and doing business. However, without appropriate security measures or a dedicated business messenger, sensitive data such as trade secrets, billing information, and employee data may be exposed, and there’s an increased risk of being a target for all kinds of cyberattacks.

European Cybersecurity Regulations

European Cybersecurity Regulations

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Enhance Cyber Resilience with Threema Work

As a dedicated business messenger, Threema Work not only helps to comply with the aforementioned regulations, but it also combines security with the efficiency and convenience of instant messaging.

  • Prevention: The Threema Work app is highly flexible and can easily be adapted to an organization’s needs. As a dedicated business messenger with the option for closed user groups, Threema Work optimally protects companies against cybersecurity threats such as malware attacks, CEO fraud, and phishing.

  • Data protection: Consistent end-to-end encryption and comprehensive security settings keep third parties from accessing confidential information. Threema Work allows your staff to exchange texts, media, and voice messages in a secure way while protecting sensitive files, trade secrets, and employee data.

  • Resilient corporate communication: In case of a cyberattack, IT systems can be compromised and/or simply don’t work. In this scenario, Threema Work is an essential communication tool that allows the company to stay in touch with clients, providers, and stakeholders, and helps executives to manage a critical situation. Timing is key during any crisis: in Threema Work’s management cockpit, the app can be configured in advance (e.g., by creating pre-defined distribution lists), which helps to reduce reaction time and contributes to business continuity.

Threema Work helps to meet the requirements of the NIS2, DORA, and CER regulations by providing a secure communication channel and helping to improve the company’s cyber resilience.