Threema Work’s Management Cockpit

The backbone of Threema Work is its management cockpit. This is where you define the ways in which your employees can use the Threema Work app. It doesn’t matter whether employees use corporate devices or their own (BYOD).

User Management

User Management

Overview of active users

The management cockpit provides an overview of the active users, their IDs, and the used licenses.

Management of credentials

The Threema Work app must be activated using credentials before it’s ready for use. Depending on the type of deployment, either single-user or multi-user licenses come into play. Learn more…

Detaching Threema IDs

By detaching a Threema ID from a subscription, the ID is removed from the list of active users. Subscription administrators can no longer manage the ID, and it will no longer be marked as internal contact in other users’ contact lists. Learn more…

Revoking Threema IDs

By revoking a Threema ID, you prevent that the ID is used longer than required (e.g., if a staff departure occurs). If a user’s ID is revoked, the user is unable to send and receive messages. Learn more…



Company logo

Increase your employees’ identification with the app by placing your logo in the app’s header. The logo will also be displayed in the management cockpit.

Contact-list management

Add contacts to your users’ contact lists. Internal contacts are labeled with two blue dots. Learn more…

Custom URL for internal support

Define how your users get first-level support by integrating your own support form into the app.

App Configuration

App Configuration

Set up the app for your users in the management cockpit. In the “App configuration” section, you can change app settings for all or individual users and disable specific features altogether. Learn more…



Thanks to anonymized data analysis, you always keep track of how Threema Work is being used. At a glance, you see how many users have been active during a given time frame, on which operating systems the app is installed, and how many IDs have been generated, revoked, and detached.


License management

Increase the number of users, extend the subscription term, and keep track of available offers and orders.

Access privileges

Give additional administrators and users access to the management cockpit, and define their permissions.


Instead of using the management cockpit, all important actions can be performed via the RESTful API.


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