Tech Preview
Threema 2.0 for Desktop

The alpha software below is provided for testing purposes and may not be stable. It’s available for the regular Threema version for iOS only (Threema Work and Threema for Android are not supported), and features are limited. For more details, please refer to this FAQ entry.

To use the tech preview for desktop, it’s required to join the multi-device beta program of Threema for iOS.

To download the regular Threema version, click here.
<span class='font-weight-light'>Tech Preview</span><br>Threema 2.0 for Desktop


Tech Preview Windows

Checksums: sha256

Unpack the ZIP file and double-click on the “ThreemaDesktop” executable to start the application.

Once opened, you can pin the application to your task bar: right-click on the Threema icon in the task bar and select “Pin to taskbar.”

Note: a dedicated Windows installer will be provided at a future point in time.


We distribute Threema Tech Preview for desktop through Flatpak. Make sure you have set up Flatpak for your distribution.

Run the following commands in your terminal:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
$ flatpak install --from

Note: Update Threema Tech Preview for desktop through your software manager or by running flatpak update in your terminal.


New features:

  • Import own profile picture from mobile device (requires re-linking*)
  • Show contact profile pictures
    Note: Profile pictures will appear after re-linking*, once you have received a message from that contact. Without re-linking, it may take up to 7 days for profile pictures to appear.
  • Show group profile pictures
    Note: Profile pictures will appear after re-linking* or once the group is modified or re-synced by the group administrator.
  • Allow setting theme (light/dark/system) in user profile screen
  • Support for "system" theme on Windows

* To re-link, disable the Multi-Device Preview in the iOS app and enable it again. The chat history of your desktop app will be cleared.


  • Proper formatting of quoted messages


  • Disable non-functional drag&drop support for now

…and a few other changes and improvements.

Internal release only, not published

New features:

  • Show line above unread messages
  • Handle incoming location messages
  • Dynamically switch between light and dark theme on macOS (requires re-linking for existing installs)
  • Display unread badge in macOS app icon
  • Option to enter custom Threema Safe server credentials (authentication) when linking


  • When opening chat, always mark all messages as read
  • Use Apple emoji on macOS


  • Nickname is no longer disclosed immediately to unknown contacts
  • Properly reflect group profile pictures towards iOS app

Known issues:

  • Old quotes in your message history are not displayed correctly

…and a few other changes and improvements.

Initial release of the tech preview of Threema 2.0 for desktop