Beta Version
Threema 2.0 for Desktop

This beta software is available for the regular Threema version for iOS and for Threema Work for iOS only (support for Android devices is being developed). It enables to use the multi-device functionality with a mobile device and a computer. Even though the desktop app is still being developed, it is generally stable; however, you may occasionally encounter issues. For more details, please refer to this FAQ entry.

If you use Threema for Android, please download the regular desktop app here.
<span class='font-weight-light'>Beta Version</span><br>Threema 2.0 for Desktop


Threema Beta Windows (Installer)

Checksums: sha256


Threema Beta Windows (ZIP) 1

Checksums: sha256


1 Unpack the ZIP file and double-click on the “ThreemaDesktop” executable to start the application.

Once opened, you can pin the application to your task bar: right-click on the Threema icon in the task bar and select “Pin to taskbar.”


We distribute the beta version of Threema 2.0 for desktop through Flatpak. Make sure you have set up Flatpak for your distribution.

Run the following commands in your terminal:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
$ flatpak install --from

Note: Update the Threema beta version for desktop through your software manager or by running flatpak update in your terminal.

For security reasons, Threema Beta doesn’t have full access to your files, which is why “drag and drop” is restricted in some cases. To allow full access, please run the following command:

$ flatpak override ch.threema.threema-desktop --filesystem=host