I have got a new phone – how do I transfer my data?

  • Create an ID export on your previous device: Tap on “My ID”, then select “ID export”, and activate the option “Include in phone backup” after exporting your ID. Make sure to store this password in a safe place; without it, you won’t be able to restore the exported ID.
  • Create an encrypted iTunes backup of your old device.
  • Restore the iTunes backup of your old device on your new device.
  • When starting Threema for the first time, tap on “Restore from Backup”, select “Keep local data”, and tap “ID Export”. The ID-export string is prepopulated. What’s left to do for you is to enter the ID export’s password and to confirm by tapping “Done”.

Windows Phone

  • Create a data backup on your old device: Navigate to “Settings” and select “Backup”.
  • Tap on “Create Threema data backup”.
  • Install Threema on your new device and launch it. Tap on “or tap here to use an already existing backup”.
  • Select the backup file, and enter your password. Your Threema data is now being restored. Please be patient.

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