I have a new ID — How can I delete my old ID?

Remove Threema ID from current device

Would you like to remove your Threema ID from the current device in order to create a new ID or to restore a backup? Delete your ID in the “My Profile” section in the Threema app. When starting Threema the next time, you can use the setup wizard to create a new ID or to restore a backup.

Please note: When deleting your Threema ID as described above, the ID will only be removed from the current device. In case the ID also set up on another device, it will not be deleted there. Also, the deleted ID can still be restored if a backup was created.

Permanently delete your Threema ID

If you should ever happen to lose access to the device on which your Threema ID is set up (e.g., if the device is stolen), you can revoke your ID only if an ID revocation password was set. Set an ID revocation password here:

  • Android: My Profile > ID Revocation
  • iOS: My Profile > ID Revocation Password

Without access to your ID or without a previously set revocation password, it is not possible to delete the ID. However, the ID will be marked as inactive automatically after three months of inactivity.

If you revoke your ID, other users will be unable to send messages to this ID after about one hour. Within 24 hours, the ID will be crossed out (or hidden, if Hide Stale Contacts is enabled) on your chat partners’ contact lists.