Can administrator privileges be transferred or granted to multiple users?

Like single chats, group chats are end-to-end encrypted in Threema. For privacy reasons, groups are managed in a decentralized manner on users’ devices, not on a server. Neither is it possible to transfer administrator privileges, nor can administrator privileges be granted to multiple users.

Cloning groups

If a group’s administrator leaves the group, a new group must be created. However, groups can be cloned. If a group member clones a group, they become administrator of a new group consisting of the same members as the original group. The chat history is not transferred to the new group.

  • Android: Tap the title bar in the group chat, then tap the three vertical dots, and select “Clone group”.
  • iOS: In the group chat, tap on the title bar, and then tap on the bar that appears underneath it (containing tokens of the group members). Finally, tap on “Clone group” at the end of the member list.