I didn't receive my verification email or SMS! What can I do?

Verification of the email address

Emails might get stuck in spam filters, so please check your spam folder, and please be patient. Some ISPs use greylisting, which causes emails from new senders to be delayed by up to an hour.

You can try again (perhaps using a different email address) by going back to the “Linked Email” dialog, clearing the address and saving. This will reset the status, and you will be able to try again.

Verification of the phone number

We make a best effort to deliver text messages to all countries. If you don’t receive the verification message, this might be due to a temporary problem or because your carrier filters certain messages. Threema offers the option to request the verification code via a phone call:

  • On Android, a green banner is displayed on the main screen during pending verification; tap “Enter Code” and then “Request call”. Please note that a phone call can only be requested after the SMS reception timeout (of approx. one minute) has elapsed.
  • On iOS, simply go back to the “Linked Number” dialog and choose the call option.

Please understand that we cannot call certain countries/numbers.

Note: You can use Threema while the email verification and/or the SMS verification is pending. You can also choose to use Threema without providing a phone number and email address. In this case, however, others need to know your ID in order to contact you.