What are Private Chats and how can I use them?

With Private Chats, you can protect individual chats and hide them from the chat list. This way, confidential chats are protected from prying eyes. Push notifications for new messages in a private chat contain no message preview.

On Android, navigate to “Threema > Settings > Security > Locking mechanism,” and select “PIN,” “System Screen Lock,” or “Biometric.” On iOS, Private Chats are currently not available.

To mark a chat as private, long-tap on the chat, and select “Mark as private chat.” When attempting to access the chat, the selected locking mechanism (see above) comes into play.

To hide all private chats, tap on the menu icon in the chat list, and choose “Hide private chats”. To show all hidden chats, choose “Show hidden chats” in the chat list’s menu, and enter the PIN.