How do I share my Threema ID?

To share your Threema ID with someone, simply send them your Threema ID’s Share Link:

  1. In Threema > My Profile, tap the Share button
  2. Select the communication channel, e.g., email or SMS
  3. Select the contacts you wish to share your Threema ID with (existing or potential Threema users)

The selected contacts will receive a link of the form, where YOURID is your actual Threema ID.

When opening this Share Link on a mobile device, the respective ID will be added to the contact list in Threema. When opening the link on a computer (or a mobile device on which Threema is not installed), a custom website appears, where you can add the ID to Threema by scanning a QR code (or download the app from the appropriate store).

You can add your custom Share Link to your email signature or use it as (anonymous) contact information on social networks. links support various URL actions.

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