What is the QR code good for?

This FAQ article covers the QR code that can be displayed in the app (and is used to confirm a contact’s identity and add their Threema ID at the same time; green verification level), not to be confused with the QR code on threema.id websites (which can only be used to add contacts; red verification level).

Scanning QR codes is a means for confirming contacts' identities. That way, man-in-the-middle attacks can be effectively prevented: If you receive a message of a confirmed contact (i.e., verification level 3), you can be sure that it wasn't spoofed or read by a third party (provided said contact's device wasn't stolen or hacked). On top of that, scanning someone's QR code is a convenient way of adding them to your contact list without having to manually enter their ID.

Display your own QR code

  • Android: Navigate to the “My Profile” tab, and tap on the QR code icon
  • iOS: Navigate to the “My Profile” tab, and tap on the QR code

Scan a contact’s QR code

  • Android: In the Contacts tab, tap the “New contact” button, and select “Scan ID”
  • iOS: Threema > My ID > camera icon in the top right corner

If you are having trouble scanning a QR code, please make sure the camera is not too close (below 10 in/25 cm), which might prevent it from focussing.

Please note: The QR code of contacts should not be confused with the QR code of ID exports and the QR code used to connect to Threema Web.

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