What is Threema Web?

Threema Web (web.threema.ch) is Threema’s web client. It allows you to use Threema on the desktop without compromising security. 

  • Complete synchronization: By scanning a QR code, desktop and mobile device are connected at once, and all conversations are fully accessible on the desktop.

  • Security and data restraint: All communication between phone and PC is fully end-to-end encrypted. After the session is terminated, all synchronized messages are immediately deleted in the browser.

  • Open Source: Like the mobile apps, Threema Web is open source and uses open standards. It’s also possible to host Threema Web on your own server.

All you have to do to use Threema Web is connect your mobile device with your browser.

For detailed technical information in regard to Threema Web’s security, please refer to the Cryptography Whitepaper.