Why do I only receive messages once I open the app?

If you only receive incoming messages once you open the app (and/or if you are unable to re-establish a connection to Threema Web), the reason for this behavior could be: 1.) the app isn't allowed to run in the background; 2.) the apps isn't allowed to transmit data in the background.

Device-specific troubleshooting

Please navigate to “Settings > Troubleshooting > Fix device configuration problems” in Threema. First, select “Disable power restrictions” (if available), and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, select “Enable background data” (if available), and follow the on-screen instructions.

If the problem persists and you use a device by one of the listed manufacturers, please follow these device-specific steps:

General troubleshooting

The menu paths specified here apply to Android 10. Depending on Android version and device manufacturer, the paths may vary. Should you be unable to find the respective settings, please use the search feature in the Android Settings.

  1. Restart device: First, reboot your phone.
  2. Check connectivity: Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet.
  3. Review app notification: In “Android settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Threema > Notifications > please activate “Show notifications”.
  4. Disable “restrict background data”: First, navigate to “Android settings > Apps & Notification > See all apps > Threema > Mobile data & Wi-Fi” and make sure that “Background data” and “Unrestricted data usage” are both activated. Repeat this process with “Google Play services”.
  5. Deactivate Android’s Battery Saver mode or add Threema to exclusion list: Turn off your device’s Battery Saver mode, or add Threema to the exclusion list: In Android settings, navigate to “Apps & Notifcations > See all apps > Threema > Advanced > Battery > Battery optimisation”, scroll to “Threema”, and select “Don’t optimize”.
  6. Reset notification sound settings: In Threema, navigate to Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset, and select “Reset notification sound settings”.
  7. Reset push token: If the issue persists after you have completed all steps listed above, please reset the push token in Threema “Settings > Troubleshooting > Reset push token”.
  8. Update Google Play services: Make sure that you are using the most recent version of Google Play Services.

Please also note:

  • Immediate notifications: If the push service is working properly but push notifications aren’t displayed, please activate “Immediate notifications” in Threema > Settings > Troubleshooting. If this experimental setting is enabled, a generic notification will be displayed if incoming messages can't be downloaded.
  • Force-quitting Threema: If you quit Threema in “Android Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps > Threema” by selecting “Force stop”, you won’t receive push notifications until you reopen the app.
  • Third-party applications: System-optimization apps by third-party developers can interfere with Threema. If you use anti-virus, battery-saver or similar apps, please temporarily deactivate them for testing purposes, or add Threema to the apps’ exclusion lists.
  • Muted chats: If you don’t receive notifications of incoming messages from a specific contact or group, select “Notification settings” in the chat’s menu, and make sure that “Disable notifications” is deactivated.
  • Delays on Android 6 and above: On Android 6 and later, push notifications will be delayed by a few minutes if your device is stationary for a certain amount of time. This is due to Android’s Doze Mode, which significantly reduces power consumption during standby.
  • Polling: If Polling is activated in Threema > Settings  Troubleshooting, notifications of incoming messages will be delayed (depending on the selected interval).

Should the problem persist after you have considered all suggestions listed here, please contact the manufacturer of your device.

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