How can I save (media) files?

Save individual (media) files manually

First, tap-and-hold the desired (media) file in the chat; then, tap the floppy disk symbol.

Starting with Android 10 and Threema 4.5 for Android, (media) files are saved in the following directories, depending on the file type:

  • Pictures/Threema
  • Movies/Threema
  • Music/Threema
  • Documents/Threema

On Android 9 and below, the media files are saved in the directory “Threema/Threema Pictures” (or “Threema Videos”/“Threema Audio,” depending on the file type). Files are saved in the device’s global “Download” directory and can be accessed using the Downloads app.

Automatically save incoming media files

In Threema, navigate to “Settings > Media & Storage,” and activate “Auto-save to gallery.” Automatically saved media files are located in the same directories as manually saved media files, see above.