Xiaomi: Why is no popup displayed and no sound emitted when new messages arrive?


In MIUI 11, some notification settings are disabled by default for Threema, and, unfortunately, there’s no way for the app to enable them. However, you can adjust these settings as follows:

  • In Threema, navigate to Settings > Sound & Notifications
  • Tap on “MIUI settings”
  • Enable all (or the desired) notification settings for Threema:
    • Show notifications
    • Show app icon badges
    • Floating notifications
    • Lock screen notifications
    • Allow sound
    • Allow vibration
    • Allow using LED light


If an app like Threema creates a notification channel in MIUI 10, only vibration can be enabled as notification signal, all other signals (heads-up, sound, notification light, etc.) are disabled by default and must be enabled manually.

Please enable notification signals as follows:

  • In Threema, navigate to Settings > Sound & Notifications
  • Select “MIUI Settings”
  • Open the first entry in the Chats section
  • Enable all settings (Floating Notifications, Lock Screen Notifications, Sound, etc.)
  • Return to the previous screen, and repeat the procedure for all other entries in the Chats section

When a new notification channel is added (i.e., when you start using a new combination of notification settings), you will also need to enable that channel’s notification settings as outlined above.

Due to restrictions by Xiaomi, there is no way for Threema to automatically adjust the notification-channel settings for you. For some selected apps, Xiaomi has enabled all notification signals by default. Please get in touch with Xiaomi to learn more.