What to do if the connection to Threema Web is slow or drops frequently?

The connection between Threema Web and the mobile device is usually stable. If you use an Android device and the connection is interrupted on a regular basis, please connect your computer and your mobile device to the same local network, if possible. Please check also if you are using the latest app version, and update the Threema, if necessary.


On Huawei and Xiaomi devices, the OS closes the connection between the web browser and the Threema app. To prevent this from happening, please perform the following steps:

  • Summon the Task Manager (by pressing the menu button on your device)
  • Find Threema; Xiaomi: drag Threema downwards until the padlock icon appears
  • Tap the padlock icon (the padlock icon will then turn into a closed padlock)

Please note: When using a Xiaomi device, you need to perform these steps again after a restart.

Should the problem persist, please run WebRTC Diagnostics, and send in the result:

  • In Threema, open the main menu and navigate to Settings > Troubleshooting > WebRTC Diagnostics, and tap Start
  • Wait until the test is completed, and tap “Copy to Clipboard”
  • Send the copied text along with a short description of the problem to the Threema ID *SUPPORT

We will then analyze the problem and get back to you as soon as we can.


Open the task manager, navigate to Threema, and tap the lock icon (which will close the lock).


If the iOS device is locked, the battery level is low, or Threema is in the background, Threema Web might be slower or less responsive. Connect your device to an external power source, and open the Threema app.

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