Why am I not receiving any push notifications or experiencing delays?

Please perform the following steps to troubleshoot problems with push notifications (and/or if you’re having trouble re-establishing a connection to Threema Web) on iOS:

  • Go to iPhone Settings > Notifications > Threema. Ensure that badges, alerts and sounds are turned on.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Turn your phone back on.
  • Open Threema so it can re-negotiate push notifications with the server.
  • Push notifications should now be working.
  • If only a certain contact is affected by the push issue, please make sure that push notifications for the contact in question are not disabled (navigate to the contact details, scroll down, and turn “No push notifications” off if this setting is turned on).

Also make sure you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network that blocks the ports that Apple uses for push notifications (try turning off Wi-Fi to see if this makes push notifications work).

If you still cannot receive push notifications even after following the steps above, try deleting and reinstalling the app from the App Store as a last resort (you will not be charged again). By reinstalling, the so-called push token that the iOS system generates for the app is recreated. Your Threema ID will be retained, but the contacts and any saved messages in the app will be lost (don't forget to re-enable contact synchronization in Settings > Privacy after reinstallation if desired).

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