Threema calls
Voice calls as secure as Threema messages
Threema Calls
Threema calls are end-to-end encrypted and thus tap-proof
As unique identifier, the Threema ID is used instead of a phone number
Brilliant voice quality
Threema calls impress with brilliant voice quality

Comprehensive security

  • The call connection is established using Threema messages in the background; therefore, voice calls are just as trustworthy as chats, and the same verification levels apply
  • If possible, a direct connection between caller and callee is established (peer to peer) after the connection buildup
  • Calls with IDs that are not contained in the contact list are routed through the Threema server in order to obscure the IP address
  • Because a constant bit rate is used for audio encoding, no conclusions about the content can be drawn from the size of the transmitted data packets