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On which operating systems and devices can I use Threema?

Android iOS
Phone iPhone
Tablets iPad
Wearables* (e.g., Smartwatch) Apple Watch*
Android Auto Apple CarPlay

Threema is fully supported.

Threema is not supported.

* If you are using Threema with an Android Wear smartwatch or an Apple Watch, you can read message previews, see chat pictures, agree/disagree to incoming messages, and answer messages using dictation (or using Scribble on an Apple Watch).

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The latest version of Threema runs on iOS 15 and up. You can continue to use older Threema versions on your pre-iOS 15 device, but you won’t be able to update to newer versions.

Older Threema versions don’t support all the features newer versions provide, and it’s advisable to install the lastest Threema version whenever possible.

Here are the last supported Threema versions for each iOS version:

  • iOS 9: Threema 4.2.3
  • iOS 10: Threema 4.6.18
  • iOS 15: Threema 5.0

The effort needed to offer compatibility with older iOS versions is substantial. For this reason, we need to drop support for older iOS versions from time to time when we release larger updates.

Threema’s Android app requires Android 5.0 or later.

For security and compatibility reasons, it’s required that the Threema apps run on current OS versions. It is therefore inevitable that support for obsolete operating systems is discontinued from time to time.

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