How can I find out which data Threema has stored about me?

You can obtain all data that is stored about your ID at Threema in machine-readable form. Send a message with the text «info» to the Threema ID *MY3DATA. You will immediately receive a reply with the stored data in JSON format.

If you are reading this page on the device on which Threema is installed, you can also simply click the following link and then tap “Send”: threema://compose?text=info&id=*MY3DATA

Explanations about the JSON keys:

  • publicKey: Base64 coded
  • issueDate: date of ID creation
  • lastLogin: date of last login
  • mobileNoHash: hash of linked phone number
  • emailHash: hash of linked email address
  • featureMask: bit mask of features supported by the Threema version in use
    • 0x01: Audio messages
    • 0x02: Group chat
    • 0x04: Polls
    • 0x08: File transfer
    • 0x10: Calls
  • pushtoken/voippushtoken: Push token of the push services in use (GCM/FCM, APNS, WNS)
  • pushsound/pushgroupsound: name of the chosen sound for push messages (not used on all platforms)
  • revocationKey: information about revocation password, if set

To remove linked phone numbers or email addresses, see How can I unlink my Threema ID from an email address or phone number?. To remove all data, revoke your ID.

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