I am receiving unwanted messages. What can I do?

Block single users

If you receive unwanted messages from another Threema user, you can block them:

  • Android: Long-tap the contact in the contact list and open its details. Open the menu and choose “Block contact”.
  • iOS: Tap the contact in the contact list and scroll down to the option “Block contact”.
  • Windows Phone: This feature is currently not available.

A blocked contact doesn't see if he or she is blocked.

Block unkown

Threema allows you to block messages from unknown users in general. You will find this option in “Threema > Settings > Privacy > Block unknown”.

Please note: When the option “Block unknown” is on, you might not receive messages from your friends if you didn't save their details in your address book or if they didn't link an email address or phone number to their Threema ID. This could make them believe that the sending of messages isn't working properly.

Specific contacts can be excluded from your contact list by using “Threema > Settings > Privacy > Exclusion list”.

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