Why doesn’t my chat partner receive my messages?

Problems with sending messages can have different causes. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Please send a message to the ID ECHOECHO. If this works and you receive a response, you're fully able to send and receive messages, and the problem is most likely on the recipient's side.
  2. Make sure that the Threema ID displayed for the contact you want to reach is still actively used by the recipient. The recipient might be using a new ID, in which case messages to the old ID are being misrouted. This can easily be prevented by deleting old IDs and removing duplicate contacts.
  3. Maybe your ID has been unintentionally blocked by the recipient. Ask the recipient to check this in your own contact's details (iOS: Contacts > Contact details > “Block contact” (at the very bottom); Android: Threema > Contacts > Tap and hold on the contact > Settings > “Deblock contact”). Please also make sure that you have not blocked the recipient yourself.