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What do the symbols next to a message mean?

  • message sending Message Sending
    The message is being sent to the server. If this status lasts for more than a few seconds, there might be a connection problem. In this case, the message will stay in queue and will be sent as soon as the connection has been re-established (on iOS, only when the app is open).
  • message sent Message Sent
    The message was successfully delivered to the server, and a push notification was sent to the recipient if necessary.
  • message delivered Message Delivered
    The message was successfully delivered to the recipient’s device; it has not yet been opened by the recipient, but a push notification was displayed. If the recipient has disabled read receipts, this status is permanent and persists even if the message was read.
  • message read Message Read
    The message has been read by the recipient. If the recipient has disabled read receipts, this status will not be returned.
  • voice message played Voice Message Played (Android)
    The voice message has been played by the recipient. On the sender’s end, the “message read” status (or, if read receipts are disabled, the “message delivered” status) is displayed regardless of whether the recipient has played a voice message or not.
  • Senden fehlgeschlagenSending Failed
    The message could not be sent. This can happen, for example, when the network connection is interrupted during a file transfer. On iOS, tap the “Retry” icon next to the message.
  • user acknowledgement/ user acknowledgement User Agreement/Disagreement
    The recipient agrees/disagrees with your message. (Learn more about the agree/disagree feature here.)

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A colored stripe (or the absence thereof) below the title bar indicates the connection status:

  • Red: Threema is currently not connected to the server. This is usually due to problems with the Internet connectivity of your phone (e.g., when you have no 3G reception, or if you are connected to a broken Wi-Fi network or to a Wi-Fi hotspot that requires login). Threema will keep trying to establish a connection every 10 seconds.
  • Orange: Threema is connecting to the server. A response has been received (i.e., a connection has been established), but the login process has not been completed yet. If this status persists for more than a few seconds, it’s usually due to a slow or unstable Internet connection.
  • No stripe: Threema is connected to the server. New messages will appear instantly.

If the recipient has disabled read receipts, messages retain the “delivered” status after they have been read.

It is possible to define read receipts on a contact-specific basis: Go to the contact details and select the desired setting under “Read Receipts.” The setting overrides the default setting only for this contact.

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