How do I place a 1:1 voice or a video call?

Establish a Voice Call

Select the desired contact in your contact list and tap the phone icon in the title bar (Android), or tap “Call” (iOS). Alternatively, tap the phone icon in a chat’s title bar.

Enable Video

Video transmission can be enabled at any time during an ongoing call. Once a Threema call is established, both parties can independently enable and disable video transmission by tapping the camera icon. This is to say that it’s possible to conduct one-way video calls.

Please note that the system requirements must be met by both the caller’s and the callee’s device in order to make voice or video calls.

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Group calls in Threema are end-to-end encrypted and currently available for up to 16 participants. An invitation URL is not necessary; the group members chat can decide whether to join a call or not.

  • To start a group call, tap on the camera icon (Android) or the phone icon (iOS) in the top right corner of the desired group chat.
  • All group members will receive a push notification informing them of the call.
  • Members can join the call by tapping “Join” in the notification, in the group chat, or in the chat overview.
  • The group continues until the last participant has left the call.

Group calls are routed through a server, which obscures the IP address of the participants amongst one another. To make sure participants hear in real time what others are saying (i.e., the delay is as short as possible), media routers outside of Switzerland may be used. Learn more…

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