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New Threema audit

Threema is known for rock-solid security and unparalleled privacy protection. The algorithms and protocols used in Threema’s cryptography are well documented, and the encryption’s proper implementation can be verified at any time. On top of that, renowned experts periodically conduct independent audits to confirm Threema’s security.

Headed by Prof. Sebastian Schinzel, the Lab for IT Security of Münster’s University of Applied Sciences has thoroughly audited Threema’s code during the past months. With considerable effort and all the required technical expertise, the Android and the iOS app as well as Threema Safe were examined in great detail for possible security flaws. However, no critical vulnerabilities were found, and the researches gave Threema top grades:

  • “Threema takes the security and privacy of their users very seriously.”
  • “Threema performs as specified in the published documentation.”
  • “Threema’s security and privacy features are intact and effective.”

The audit report is publicly available in its entirety. The few minor issues that were put forward have been addressed immediately and are already fixed in the current app versions. Get an idea of the test procedure Threema has undergone:

Consult the audit report