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Starred Messages in Threema for Android

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Starred Messages in Threema for Android

This probably sounds familiar: you receive a message that has little relevance at the moment but to which you’ll want to refer at a later point – like a shopping list, travel directions, or event details.

You could, of course, copy the message and save it outside of Threema or search for it in the respective chat when the time comes and you need the information. However, neither of these approaches is ideal, which is why Threema 5.2 for Android introduces starred messages, making future reference a breeze.

To star a message, tap and hold it to bring up the context menu, and select the star icon. And to list all messages marked with a star, simply select “Starred messages” in the main menu:

Starred messages are also useful to track open tasks or to highlight particularly memorable messages and extract them from the continuous stream of conversation.

The list of starred messages is searchable and can be sorted in either ascending or descending chronological order. Tapping on a message will take you back to the original context, and via the three dots in the top right corner, you can remove all stars at once.

To find out what else is new in Threema 5.2 for Android, head over to the changelog.