Video transmission doesn’t work properly: What can I do?

The quality of video calls depends on various factors. The most important factor is the available bandwidth of the caller and callee . If you experience problems with the transmission of the videos when conducting Threema calls, please connect both smartphones to a different network (e.g., to another Wi-Fi network or to the mobile network) for testing purposes.

On Android, media codecs might also cause problems. Media codecs are software components of your smartphone’s operating system that process incoming and outgoing video data streams and generate visible image sequences based on them.

In Threema, change the used codecs used in “Settings > About Threema > Troubleshooting > Video codecs.” Please use “Software codecs,” and test if the problem persists using this setting. The setting becomes active when conducting the next calls, it is not necessary to restart the app or your device. However, using software codecs can slightly increase your device’s energy consumption during video calls.