Why are no profile pictures displayed?

If (for some contacts) no profile pictures are displayed in the chat overview and in the contact list, this might be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Profile pictures are disabled (in “Settings > Appearance”).
  • The contacts in question haven’t set a profile picture, or they don’t share it with you.
  • The contacts in question hasn’t sent you a message since setting their profile picture (profile pictures are transmitted upon message exchange).

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Should you prefer to use your own contact pictures (or if you wish to not display contact pictures at all) instead of the profile pictures your contacts have set for themselves, navigate to “Settings > Appearance,” and deactivate “Show profile pictures”.

If “Show profile pictures” is enabled, your contacts’ profile pictures are displayed no matter if you have set contact pictures for them in Threema or in your operating system’s address book.

If a contact picture is set for a contact in Threema or in your operating system’s address book, this picture will only be displayed in Threema if “Show profile pictures” is deactivated or if the contact in question hasn’t set a profile picture (or doesn’t share it with you).

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