Threema Broadcast: Top-down communications at your fingertips

Threema Broadcast is the tool for versatile, secure, and straightforward top-down communications.

  • Use feeds and distribution lists to send messages to any number of recipients, and turn Threema into a powerful newsletter channel. While users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from feeds, you manage the recipients of distribution lists yourself.
  • With bots, you can create interactive information-retrieval systems that allow your users to quickly get the answers they are looking for.
  • Manage central group chats together with any number of co-administrators, and participate in the group discussion right from your PC.

Threema Broadcast is included in Threema Work Enterprise. The number of Broadcast recipients corresponds to the number of Enterprise licenses. For Example: If you have 80 Threema Work Enterprise licenses, there are 80 Threema Broadcast recipients available.


Threema Broadcast: Setup, Distribution Lists, and Feeds
Get familiar with feeds and distribution lists, and learn know how to set up Threema Broadcast.
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