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Increasing the number of users

The management cockpit overview shows how many users are active (393), how many credentials are defined (219), and how many users have licensed Threema Work in total (500). In this example, the app can be activated on another 107 devices.


Add new users

First, make sure that the required number of credentials is available. Then, switch to the “Credentials” menu, and click on “Add/import credentials”.

  • To add multiple users at at once (e.g., from a .csv file), switch to the “Bulk insert / Import” tab.
  • Multiple devices can be activated using the same credentials: Instructions

If all credentials are activated (i.e., the number of active users and the total number of credentials are the same), click on the “Increase number of users” button in order to purchase additional licenses for the remaining duration of the subscription.

Transfer license to a new user

See Managing staff or device changes.

Licensing more users

If you need more users than are currently licensed (100 in the example above), simply click on “Increasenumber of users”.

Licensing fewer users

If you need fewer licenses in the next subscription term, please contact the technical support team via the form in the management cockpit before the expiration of your subscription.