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Restrict backup options

You can use MDM parameters to define which backup options are (not) available to your users. By default, all backup options are available.

Do not allow any backups at all

To prevent your users from creating any kind of backup, use th_disable_backups. (This parameter overrides all parameters listed below.)

Prevent ID export

To prevent your users from exporting their Threema ID, set the MDM parameterth_disable_id_export to true.

Prevent data backups (Android)

In Threema Work for Android, users can create data backups. To prevent this, set the MDM parameter th_disable_data_backups to true.

Prevent inclusion in OS backups (iOS)

iCloud/iTunes backups can include Threema data. Set th_disable_system_backups totrue to exclude Threema data from OS backups.

Threema Safe

Set the MDM parameter th_safe_enable to false to prevent users from creating Threema Safe backups. To learn more about the configuration of Threema Safe using MDM parameters, please refer to this Help article.