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Walkthrough: Use Threema Safe to automatically create backups

Threema Safe allows to automatically create backups of your users’ most important Threema data and settings on a regular basis. By means of MDM parameters, you can determine whether your users can (A), cannot (B), or must (C) use Threema Safe. By default, Threema Safe can be used.

(A) Threema Safe can be used

Generally, you don’t need to adjust any MDM parameters if you want to allow your users to choose whether to use Threema Safe or not. Please note, however:

  • If you have set th_disable_backups is to true, you need to set this parameter tofalse in order to allow your users to use Threema Safe.

  • If you have already set th_safe_enable to true or false, you need to delete this parameter in order to allow your users to use Threema Safe. If th_safe_enable is set, it is either mandatory (true) or impossible (false) to use Threema Safe.

Use th_safe_server_url to specify the server on which Threema Safe backups are stored. If th_safe_server_url isn’t set, your users can store Threema Safe backups on the Threema server or on any other server. Learn how to set up your server for Threema Safe…

(B) Threema Safe cannot be used

Set th_safe_enable to false to prevent your users from using Threema Safe. If you have already set th_disable_backups to true, it’s not necessary to set the th_safe_enable parameter. If th_disable_backups is set to true, no backups can be created.

(C) Threema Safe must be used

First, make sure that th_disable_backups and th_skip_wizard are not set to true. Then, set th_safe_enable to true. This configuration enforces the use of Threema Safe.

If you want to store your users’ Threema Safe backups on your own server, specify the URL to the Threema Safe directory on your server in th_safe_server_url. If this parameter isn’t set, your users’ Threema Safe backups will be stored on the Threema server. If your server requires authentication, please specify username and password in th_safe_server_username and th_safe_server_password, respectively.

Automatically restore Threema ID: This requires an external MDM system and is not available in Threema MDM. If you set th_safe_password and th_safe_restore_id, the backup will be restored without user interaction. Users don’t need to enter a password when re-installing the app or switching to a new device and can continue to use Threema Work immediately.