Interplay of Threema Work with Threema
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Switching to or from Threema Work

One of the advantages of Threema Work is the possibility to strictly separate personal and professional communication. We recommend that existing Threema users create a new ID for Threema Work, just like activating a new business phone number. Good to know: Both apps can be used simultaneously and the consumer app remains active.

Using personal Threema-IDs in Threema Work

An existing Threema ID can be used in Threema Work by restoring it from Threema Safe or from an ID export. The consumer app must then be deleted (or used with a different ID) since an ID cannot be used in both apps at the same time.

Using Threema Work IDs in the consumer app

If a user wants to use their existing Threema Work ID in Threema after leaving the company, the administrator must first detach the ID from the subscription. Only then can the user move their ID from Threema Work to the private Threema using Threema Safe or an ID export.


  • The same ID cannot be used in two apps simultaneously.
  • Chat contents will not be transferred when switching from one app to the other.