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Switching to or from Threema Work

One of the advantages of Threema Work is the possibility to strictly separate personal and professional communication. We recommend existing Threema users to create a new ID for Threema Work, just like activating a new business phone number. Good to know: both apps can be used simultaneously, without any influence on the personal ID.

Using personal Threema IDs in Threema Work

Transfering the personal Threema ID to Threema Work is not possible.

Using Threema Work IDs in the consumer app

If a user wants to use their existing Threema Work ID in Threema after leaving the company, the administrator must first delete the user and allow the personal use of the ID during the process. Only then can the user move their ID from Threema Work to the private Threema using Threema Safe or an ID export.


  • The same ID cannot be used in two apps simultaneously.
  • Chat contents will not be transferred when switching from one app to the other.

Ceci peut également être utile

Threema Work is tailored to the use in organizations and offers numerous benefits over the consumer version of Threema, especially in terms of administration, user management, app distribution, and preconfiguration. Threema Work allows you to:

  • Acquire and distribute platform-independent licenses
  • Manage users
  • Preconfigure the app for your users
  • Define policies for the app’s use
  • Revoke IDs when staff changes occur
  • Prevent access to chats
  • Manage the users’ contact list
  • And much more

The Threema and the Threema Work app are compatible and are generally identical as far as features are concerned. Both Threema and Threema Work are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Threema OnPrem is the self-hosted version of the SaaS solution Threema Work. When using the on-premises version, all data is stored on a company server, which translates to complete data ownership as well as the highest level of security and total control over every aspect of the communication tool.

Users of the standard Threema app and Threema Work users can communicate without any limitations, as if they were using the same app. However, as administrator, you can restrict the communication to contacts contained in the contact list.

Threema OnPrem users can only communicate with other users of the same OnPrem instance (i.e., the same organization).

You can use Threema, Threema Work, and Threema OnPrem on the same device.

Please note, however, that a phone number or email address can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time (i.e., either to the Threema ID used in Threema Work or to the Threema ID used in the standard Threema app). Also, it’s not possible to use a Threema ID in both the Threema and the Threema Work app at the same time.

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