Manual deployment for unmanaged devices (without MDM system)

Threema Work can be deployed to the intended users in a few simple steps. Then, it must be activated using credentials, and it’s ready for use.

  1. Finding and defining credentials
    • Trial: Credentials have been created for you automatically. Find them in the Threema Work management cockpit.
    • New subscription: To set the credentials in the Threema Work management cockpit, navigate to “Credentials > Activate credentials”.
  2. Download the app
    Instruct users to download the free Threema Work app from an app store. You can also place the APK version of the app at your Android users’ disposal.
  3. Enter credentials (activate the app)
    In order to activate the app, your users need to enter the credentials you have specified above. Alternatively, the app can be unlocked using an activation link. Learn more about activation links…

Using Threema MDM, you can even preconfigure the app for your users. This way, you can make sure that the first and the last name is set, the correct phone number or email address is linked, and more. Details…

The “First Steps” PDF will guide you through the manual distribution and activation of the app.