Rollout and deployment with MDM system

Threema Work supports Android Enterprise (Android 5.0 or higher) and Managed App Configuration (iOS8.0 or higher). These standards are used by all popular MDM systems (cf. Supported MDMSystems).

A wide range of MDM parameters allow you to preconfigure the app tailored to your company’srequirements.

Rollout and configuration using a regular MDM system

Use multi-user licenses for an easy setup of automatic rollout. Use the list of MDM parameters to define specific config policies.

Configuration using Threema MDM

Configure the app easily in the Threema Work management cockpit also when lacking an additional MDMsystem. Details

Threema MDM in addition to a regular MDM system

Threema MDM can be used in addition to a regular MDM system, e.g. to push last-minute changes.

MDM parameters set in Threema MDM overwrite parameters set by the MDM system. This applies also toindividual values. For example, if only one parameter is set in Threema MDM, only this one parameterwill be overwritten, while the rest of the configuration defined in the MDM system remainsunchanged.