New EU Regulations Aim to Strengthen Cyber Resilience

At the end of 2022, the European Union launched a set of regulations (NIS2, DORA, and CER) that aim to reduce vulnerabilities for cyberattacks in organizations and strengthen the physical resilience of critical entities. The scope of the new legal framework is wide-ranging and imposes profound changes on organizations.

Webinar About NIS2, DORA, and CER

In our webinar on the subject, Rodrigo López Crespo, Criminal and Cybersecurity Lawyer at Monereo Meyer Abogados, and Miguel Rodríguez, Chief Revenue Officer at Threema, talk about business communication in view of the NIS2, DORA, and CER regulations. The webinar takes place on October 4, 2023, and is free of charge.

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What the New Federal Act on Data Protection Means for Swiss Companies

On September 1, 2023, the new Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) came into effect. The revision aligns the level of protection for personal data in Switzerland with the one the GDPR requires, thus ensuring that the European Commission’s adequacy decision will be renewed. This allows companies from Switzerland and the EEA to continue to exchange and process data in a legally compliant way.

Webinar About the nFADP

In our webinar on the subject, Kathrin Schmid, CISO at Friendly, and Peter Szabó, Legal Counsel at Threema, talk about what Swiss companies have to consider to comply with the nFADP’s requirements. The webinar takes place on September 27, 2023, is free of charge and will be held in German.

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Threema Work 5.4 for iOS: Test the Upcoming Desktop App

The latest Threema Work update for iOS allows users to test version 2.0 of Threema Work’s desktop app ahead of time.

The next generation of the desktop app is based on a totally new architecture, introduces a completely redesigned UI, and offers multi-device support: even when your smartphone is turned off or not connected to the Internet, you’re able to chat from the computer.

Learn how to test Threema Work 2.0 for desktop in this FAQ article.

More details about the 5.4 update can be found in the changelog.

Email vs. Instant Messaging

Can you imagine working without email? You’re not the only one who can’t: for decades, email has been an integral part of corporate communication. Even though several other online communication services have emerged since the first email was sent in the 70s, many studies have shown that email still is the most used communication channel. So why should it be replaced or complemented with instant messaging?

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Why C-Level Executives (Should) Use a Secure Business Messenger

Chat apps and their benefits of fast and easy communication have long arrived in companies. Many executives in C-level positions have come to appreciate the flexibility messengers offer: particularly in turbulent times, where one meeting comes after another, it’s practical to easily exchange important information via chat or quickly react to a message.

The Risks of Instant Messaging

In the hectic pace of everyday life, however, the security of a communication channel is often given little to no importance. A risk for companies: Regular chat services and the chat feature in collaboration tools don’t protect confidential information and personal data of employees sufficiently. This violates current data-protection regulations and can lead to heavy fines.

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The Benefits of a Secure Business Messenger

The business messenger Threema Work combines security, GDPR-compliance, and the advantages instant messaging offers. End-to-end encryption and metadata restraint ensure optimal protection of communication and personal data. This makes Threema Work the ideal tool for spontaneous conferences via a video group call, for example. Another handy feature are polls in group chats, which facilitate finding a suitable date for the next meeting.

In Threema Work, internal company contacts are labeled as such. This prevents you from sending internal information to external parties by accident. Thanks to contact verification, you can also be sure that the person you are communicating with is actually who they claim to be, which is an effective countermeasure against CEO fraud.

Another important element is administrability: The powerful admin console allows administrators to implement security measures and define various app settings. For example, users who left the company can be automatically removed from groups to make sure internal information doesn’t fall into the hands of uninvolved third parties.

Long story short: A dedicated business messenger offers more than private messaging apps with respect to both business features and security and data protection. Especially for C-level positions, it’s worth introducing a secure WhatsApp alternative that protects confidential content and trade secrets appropriately.

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Threema Work vs. WhatsApp: Not Every Messenger Is Suitable for Corporate Use

For many, WhatsApp has become the preferred messaging service in their everyday life. Even companies increasingly rely on the messenger for internal communication. However, using Meta’s chat app for business purposes can have serious risks for a company.

Chat apps designed for personal use typically generate metadata, which is often processed and stored in countries outside of Europe, e.g., the USA. Since this violates the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies might face heavy fines. In addition, the protection of trade secrets can be lost, and company secrets or personal data of employees can fall into the hands of uninvolved third parties.

Threema Work provides the benefits an everyday messenger has, is GDPR-compliant, and – in contrast to WhatsApp – helps to protect trade secrets and employee data.

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Mobile Group Calls in the Business Context

If you need a fast response, a phone call is more efficient than a text message – this still holds true for the most part even though email, collaboration tools, and instant messengers have long become part of our communication habits. One-to-one and group calls, for example, allow you to discuss urgent matters quickly with one or several parties or update a project group on the latest developments while on the go.

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When Privacy Protection Is Not a Private Matter

In a world where life increasingly takes place online, the protection of privacy and personal data is also becoming more important. To put a spotlight on the significance of privacy protection, the international Data Privacy Day is held every year at the end of January. However, the topic remains relevant far beyond that day – and doesn’t only concern the private sphere.

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A Comparison of Different Business Messaging Solutions

When it comes to business communication tools, companies have numerous options to choose from. At first glance, the various collaboration tools, engagement apps, and messengers that are available seem almost indistinguishable. However, a closer look reveals significant differences – not only in terms of features and use cases but also when it comes to security and privacy protection.

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Threema and Userlike: Facilitate Team and Customer Communication

Would you like to offer your employees and customers a secure channel to contact you? Or do you need a fast and efficient way to process help-desk tickets? Exchange messages securely with Threema and let your team answer tickets directly from a shared inbox with the Userlike software.

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Threema Work vs. MS Teams: A Secure Messenger Is Key

Communication tools such as Threema Work and MS Teams have become an integral part of today’s business communication: they streamline collaboration and enable fast information exchange. However, MS Teams is no substitute for a secure messenger.

Even if a company already uses a collaboration tool, a secure messenger is paramount in any case. In contrast to MS Teams, all communication is always end-to-end encrypted in Threema Work. Thanks to the intuitive app, it’s easy to integrate a mobile workforce into the corporate communication. Especially in case of a crisis, Threema Work plays a key role: if the corporate IT happens to be down and business continuity is in danger, Threema Work enables companies to maintain communication and stay operational at all times.

Whether as primary communication solution or as a complementary service: Threema Work offers everything employees expect from a contemporary instant messenger – without cutting corners in regard to security and data protection.

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Webinar: Secure Your Digital Business Communication

Remote work is becoming a new norm that’s beneficial in various ways to both companies and their staff. To collaborate and share files with co-workers and external partners even when working from home, employees use various channels. This, however, exposes companies to ever increasing risks, which is why choosing a secure communication tool is crucial to protect business secrets and avoid shadow IT.

In a joint webinar with the file-hosting service Tresorit, we will discuss how to secure your digital business communication. Learn from seasoned experts why end-to-end encryption is essential and what to consider when it comes to email and file sharing. The webinar takes place on June 29, 2022, at 1 p.m. CEST.

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Business Continuity Management: How Companies Manage Every Crisis

A crisis often occurs when it is least expected, possibly resulting in irreversible damage. In an emergency situation, professional business continuity management helps companies to secure their existence and have the necessary steps ready to pick up business as quickly as possible. In this blog post, you’ll learn what to consider when it comes to business continuity management.

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Talk: How to Protect Know-How, IP, and Trade Secrets in Business Messaging

As part of the Digital Office Conference, we will hold a talk (in German) on the topic of instant messaging in the workplace on May 18, 2022, at 4:20 p.m. CEST.

In the twenty-minute presentation, you will hear from the city administration of Freiburg im Breisgau how they use Threema Work. You will get familiar with some of our business messenger’s diverse use cases, and you are going to find out why a secure chat solution is vital as a supplement to any collaboration tool in order to protect know-how, intellectual property, and trade secrets.

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