Threema Launches New Partner Program

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Threema Launches New Partner Program

To increase the availability of our business solutions and provide customers around the world with professional advice, we have launched a partner program. It lays the foundation for a global network of IT service providers who resell Threema Work and Threema OnPrem.

There are three ways in which partners can collaborate with us:

  • As a Full Service Provider, you sell, implement, and customize Threema Work. There’s also the option to host Threema Work for your customers.

  • As a Reseller, you advise your customers about Threema Work and sell licenses.

  • As an Implementation Partner, you get the Threema Work app to work as your customer requests and integrate the app into existing solutions with our APIs.

Due to the growing number of cyberattacks, more and more companies are switching to secure communication channels. Here’s where Threema’s partner program comes in: it opens up a chance for partners to respond to that need and provide their customers with a secure messaging channel.

As local service providers, partners ensure the availability of the business messenger Threema Work and provide first-hand support. They possess all the information and material required to expertly advise their customers. The program gives partners the opportunity to increase their revenue by purchasing Threema Work licenses at a reduced price and provide additional services in terms of implementation and integration.

Are you interested in a partnership? Find out more about our partner program on this website.